Monday, March 24, 2014

Hellkeydoe - The Bloody Birdz Album [2006]

1. Answer the Phone
2. Ming9in (The Plan)
4. Bloody Birdz
5. Illgates (Backdoor Firewall)
6. Hellkeydoe's Theme
7. Coppertop feat. Raddrr Van
8. Optium Hustle feat. Raddrr Van
9. Rayen
10. Who's Callin the Shots
11. Now Cipher
12. T.I.M.B.S.
13. Hell's Kitchen
14. Favors feat. Lord Subliminal aka Shakim
15. Sing Wu feat. Lu Struggz of the Helmet Heros
16. Spyderz part 2 The Warehouse
17. Bamboozled
18. Future Chamber feat. Deadly Strangah, Lu Struggz aka Lakim and
19. Wounded Man
20. Thunder Palm (life iz 2) feat. Maddfame
21. Bloody Birdz 2
22. Assault of the Final Rival feat. Zoc

REUPLOAD: Afiliados ala WU, estan bajo el sello de "Future chamber soundz", se compone por:
D.L.A.H (productor/mc) Consciouz Fear (mc), Maddfame(productor),



Kim said...

Listening to the album right now. Some very good beats on here, sloppy rappin' though. This is pretty much what I expected. Some of the beats on here are so good in fact I'm convinced some people (me being one of them) would really be interested in an instrumental version release of the album. Track 10 samples Sade, I think. (Not 100% sure.)DLAH doesn't sound as much like RZA on here than on his solo debut 'Deja Wu'. DLAH constantly referring to himself in the third person ('DLAH this, DLAH that etc.) gets old really fast, too. The album is a bit hard to go through in one go, because there are some serious mastering issues on this disc. Severe skipping on tracks 5, 6 & 11 for instance & something I can only describe as a chopper like sound that cuts through the middle portion of track 7. I wonder if there's a fully mastered version out there. I know a lot of people shit on DLAH, but him & Maddfame can cook up some mean beats! I now have a better understanding of why Popa Wu linked up with this crew for his 'Visions of the tenth chamber, part 2'. Very interesting listen, thanks for the upload!

Kim said...

Just listened to the album twice in a row. The good beats do outway the mastering issues. There's this banger towards the end called 'Thunder Palm (Life iz 2)' that samples the Neville Brothers' "Tell it like it is" (sped up vocal sample) over ill horns, pretty amazing. I admit the sample is a bit Obvious, but it works really well. The album is definitely worth at least a listen if you haven't checked it out yet.

Kim said...

Turned this into an EP with all the tracks without mastering issues:
1.Answer the Phone INTRO
2.Ming9in (The plan)
4.Who's calling the shots?
5.Thunder palm (Life iz 2) ft. Madd Fame
7.Coppertop ft. Raadrr Van SKIT
9.Bloody birdz 2 OUTRO

Kim said...

(7, 8 & 9 have very slight skips)