Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Napoleon - Kingpin Wit Da Inkpen [2007]

01: Intro
02: True Hollywood Story
03: Already Famous (feat. Paradice)
04: It Is What It Is
05: Money, Cars, Clothes
06: Game Recognize Game (feat. Ghostface Killah)
07: Don Status (feat. Myalansky)
08: My Hood
09: Let Me Live
10: Hungry (feat. Joe Mafia)
11: V.I.P. (feat. The Clipse)
12: Ride Wit Me (feat. Mr. Virginia)
13: Gangsta
14: Patron (feat. Guttz Grindz)
15: Beef Ain't Over (feat. P.A.C. VA Streets)
16: Lonely At the Top (feat. Kenny Wray)
17: What Set You Claim
18: Make Money (feat. Jim Jones)
19: Premeditated Murder
20: Maximum Security (feat. Crook Nitty & Quan)
21: Movie Star

REUPLOAD: Napoleon, who was first associated with the legendary Wu Syndicate, was incarcerated at the time of their debut album but he is no less a key figure in their development. With blazing hit singles V.I.P. ft. The Clipse, and Game Recognize Game, ft Ghostface, as well as Make Money, ft Jim Jones, this album is no lightweight offering. This comeback by the "Kingpin" himself is definitely tight and not to be missed! Producers include Kevlar, L.E.S., and others.



Kim said...

Interesting listen! Sounds very different from the Wu-Syndicate debut album. Has more of a mainstream sound, no Havoc type beats on this one. Productionwise this album reminds me of some of the albums N.O.R.E. put out in the late 90s & early 2000s.

Kim said...

Had to comment again : the beat on track 13 'Gangsta' is hardbody! Other good tracks : the Ghostface and the Clipse collabos.

Tobby DigitaL said...

for me it's 5/10 is a bit crunk

Kim said...

Yeah, there are a lot of down south beats on there. I don't really have a problem with that, I kinda dig a lot of south music. As long as we're not talking Wu generals on south beats, it's pretty much ok with me.