Monday, April 14, 2014


01. Anything for Two (Instrumental) (Snippet)
02. Don't Make Me Take You There (Instrumental) (Snippet)
03. Fool's Paradise (Instrumental) (Snippet)
04. Good Kinda Killin' (Instrumental) (Snippet)
05. Keeper of the Force (Instrumental) (Snippet)
06. Let it Fall (Instrumental) (Snippet)
07. Many Things (Instrumental) (Snippet)
08. Moon Light (Instrumental) (Snippet
09. Morning Light (Instrumental) (Snippet)
10. My First Love
11. Oh Lord (Instrumental) (Snippet
12. Rebel Ox (Instrumental) (Snippet)
13. Summer Solstice (Instrumental) (Snippet)
14. The Example (Instrumental) (Snippet)

NEW: Internet Promo from up and coming producer Cheehf...he's  part of the group The 40 Acres , along with Bronze Nazareth  and Kevlaar 7.


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Kim said...

Completely new to me,will be very interested listening to this!