Friday, April 04, 2014


01. Multy (Ft. Fredro Star) Produced by Pokerbeats
02. Madhouse-Produced by Merlin the Wizard
03. Quick Keys-Produced by Salam Said
04. Non Stop (Ft. 100 Mad) Produced by Kevlaar 7
05. Inferno (Ft. Fideal Cashflow)
06. Godz Inc-Produced by Michael Jackson
07. Go by-Produced by Pokerbeats
08. Boy Boy-Produced by DJ B Original
09. Transition (Ft. Marcus Elias) Produced by Marcus Elias
10. Clockwork (Ft. 100 Mad) Produced by Dg Beats
11. Flashy Ways (Ft. Stack A Dollar) Produced by Marc Illy
12. The Guards-Produced by Hickz
13. On My Way (Ft. G-Dep) Produced by DJ B Original
14. Turn it Up (Ft. Xp)



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