Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dungeon Masta - Project Oblivion (Da Vintage) [2005]

01: Da-Da-Da
02: Gamez
03: Nevamor
04: Spiritual Suicide
05: Got One
06: L.T.Z. (Da Promo) (feat. Black)
07: Demonz
08: Zu Can't Go 4 Dat (feat. Buddha Monk, Mozart, 5 Foot Hyper Sniper & Sleep Murda)
09: Two Step
10: Paroleez Prayer
11: Big Thangz (feat. Popa Chief & Grime)
12: Def of Me
13: Hoodwatch (feat. I-Born)
14: In Da Geto (feat. GCP & Delta One)
15: Fuck Parole Pt. I
16: Lurkin' Shadowz
17: Durange (Da Triumph Mix)
18: Ezekiel 3:18

REUPLOAD: Dungeon Masta has been in the music industry for over 15 years. In this day and age he is a rarity due to the fact that he can create his own music. Not only is he determined and persistent, but is very creative and has the talent to recognize abilities in others as well as himself. Having the sensitivity to approach a song by ear has given him a unique point of view into the Industry. Having worked with several artist over the years, in the studio, on video sets, performances and in rap battles, such as Special Ed, Positive K, Public Enemy, O.D.B.(Dirt McGirt), Popa Wu, Buddha Monk, and other various artist, has lead to him expanding his abilities to not only be a an artist but a producer. Performing regionally on the East Coast of the United States has brought him into the limelight for media as well as underground. Being born in rough streets of Brooklyn, NY he has learned to use his trials and tribulations to guide him. Having worked thus, for his love of music has given him the skills and training to survive. Putting to use his multiple talents has lead him to be one of the originators of a group from Upstate NY called Da Kindred aka Morbid Legacy, plus a group out of Atlantic City, NJ named L.T.Z. (Loonie Tunz) that has branched out into other various groups. His versatility has a unique position in this Industry, with a style that he would rather call gothic, he was forced to create a new chamber in the Wu-Tang Dynasty called Da Forbidden Chamber. This Chamber which was brought forth from the 10th Chamber (Freedom or Death) is one of the deadliest forms of hip hop yet to hit the streets. Project Oblivion is a collection of some of the rarest, deadliest musik known to mankind. Production is mainly by Dungeon Masta himself, but he is also aided by Buddha Monk, Alkatrax, Hooks Da Funkbenda, & Mr. TibbsSpecial guests include Buddha Monk, The Bklyn Zu Fam, Black, Papa Chief, Grime, I-Born, GCP, & Redz.


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