Thursday, April 10, 2014


01. Talk About It (ft. Baker Don) (Falling Down Remix)
02. Ladies Love Stars (ft. Splash Life & Lot-A-Nerv) (Teezy Remix)
03. He Said She Said (Teezy Club Mix)
04. Wolf Pack (Cee The Architek Remix)
05. Ghetto Luv (ft. Baker Don) (Cheese Maker Remix)
06. Reggie vs Piff (ft. Justin Time) (Donkeydickk Speakerface Remix)
07. Gun Show (ft. Kollision) (Chris Stylez Remix)
08. He Said She Said (Flip Da Script Remix)
09. Pay Me In Respect (Level 13 Remix)
10. Out Of Town (Cee The Architek Remix)
11. Reggie vs Piff (ft. Justin Time) (Donkeydickk Speakerface Remix)
12. Run The City (ft. Judah Priest & Baker Don) (Chris Stylez Remix)
13. Talk That Shit (Teezy Remix)
14. Out Of Town (ft. Dini Dolla) (MWP Remix)
15. Make The Movie (Miverson Remix)
16. Talk About It (Flev Remix)

After giving yall ‘The Best of Fes Taylor vol. 3 ‘ T2Fly is back at it with another free project. This time it’s the ‘Pay Me In Respect: The Remixes‘ album. The 18-track deep free download features the likes of BakerDon, Lot A Nerv, Judah Priest, Dini Dolla and Justin Time and has productions from Falling Down. Cee The Arkitek, Chris Stylez, Cheese Makers, Flip da Script and more. .  


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Kim said...

This was a welcome surprise! Fes Taylor is flooding the market right now.