Monday, April 21, 2014

Wu-Lordz - Chapter 8-9 (Variations and Adaptability) [2014]

01- Leonardo Da Vinci (Ft. Wu-Tang Clan)
02- Malcolm Little (Produced by Kinetic 9)
03- Huey P. Newton (Introducing Miranda Writes Produced by Arche
04- Dick Gregory (Produced by Archemad)
05- Nostradamus ( Produced by Archemad)
06- Krsone (Produced by Archemad)
07- Vatican (Produced by Archemad)
08- Punishing Any Opposition(Produced by Duke Williams)
09- Osiris Baby Jesus ((Produced by Archemad)
10- Erich Von Daniken (Ft. Lyrically Illz)
11- Maya Angelou (Produced by Premise)
12- X (Produced by Archemad)
13- Sun Tzu (Produced by Archemad)
14- Nat Turner (Produced by K Fam)
15- Ivan Van Sertima (Ft. 9th Prince Produced by Premise)
16- Edgar Allan Poe (Produced by Fly Guy Entertainment)
17- Michelle Obama (Produced by Premise)
18- Illuminati Nazis (Produced by JDAA Music)
19- Marilyn Monroe (Produced by Qu Da Queen)
20- Malik El Hajj Shabazz (Ft. Rissa Produced by Archemad)
21- Henry Kissinger (Produced by Archemad)

NEW: Presented by Solomon Childs, this is the new chapter of the Wulords saga. This one features 9th Prince and Kinetic 9 producing a track. Enjoy!


Thanks To bNd of Underground Babylon

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