Tuesday, May 06, 2014


01. All Day (feat. Timbo King)
02. All Out War (feat. LA The Darkman, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Sec Assassin and Timbo King [Prod. by RZA]
03. Gangsta Theme (feat. Suga Bang Bang & Prodigal Sunn [Prod. by RZA]
041. Get A Job Bitch
05. Get This Money [Prod. By Bronze Nazareth]
06. Go Back
07. It's All About Us [Prod. by RZA]
08. My Black Ninas (feat. The RZA [Prod. by RZA]
09. True To The Streets [Prod. by Allah Mathematics]
10. What Is It [Prod. by Allah Mathematics]

NEW: From Wukipack


Kim said...

'All Out War' (a/k/a 'War Zone') is an amazing song!

Kim said...

This bootleg release is also known as 'CCF - CCF Stuff' (with the tracks in another order).

nuke_addict said...


Juan Gonzalez said...

Dupe lol this it's not scene, and we are not competing, take it easy man, enjoy

Anonymous said...

homemade reencoded crap is "nuked" because its a dupe of another homemade reencoded crap? sounds logical, do tell more