Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wu-Blendz Vol.4

01: Cross My Heart (Black Helicopters)
02: Bizzare (Death Smiles At Murder)
03: Brooklyn Bullshit (They Got)
04: Whut Part Of The Game Is This (Refuse To Lose)
05: Respect Mine (Dead Body Disposal)
06: Cream Team (I Shot Reagan)
07: Brooklyn Zoo (It's Us)
08: Have Mercy (I'm Sik Of You)
09: Deadly Venom (You're Dead)
10: Chessboxin' (Overkill)
11: Respect Mine (Your All Fuckin' Dyin')
12: Slag Editorial (Poetry In The Streets)
13: C.R.E.A.M.
14: Fame (Urban Guerillaz)
15: It's Not A Game (Hoe Blow)
16: Can't Be Touched (Organise)
17: He's A Rebel (Chasin' The Dragon)
18: Fame (CIA)

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