Sunday, October 07, 2012


01: Intro
02: Fly Freestyle
03: Chinese-Boxing Freestyle
04: Get Back
05: Lyrics With Paintbrush
06: Never Change
07: The Livelyness
08: Telecommunication
09: Wanna See
10: U Can If U Want
11: Whatz Really Going On

RE-UPLOAD: Un rip mas por hoy, recuerden no borrar los 00 files, disfrutenlo Dragonfly a member of The once Wu-Tang affiliated group The Beggaz who now go by the name Hidden Aspect were first heard off certified gold The RZA presents Wu-Tang Killa Beez: Swarm compilation album.
Also a member of the sub group Black Lotus, Dragonfly has been on the hip-hop scene for a long time now with group projects and solo materials released independently to date.
As he embarks on an upcoming album "Verse: From The Past To The Present" a double disc edition set to drop sometime soon, Fly appreciates the support the online and underground fans have shown to him and Hidden Aspects members and has decided to show the appreciation back to the fans by putting together a free mixtape album "Dragonslayer" as free download to wet the appetites and showcase what is to be expected from the upcoming album, something for the fans to hold on to until the album drops and mainly a way to say thanks to all the fans that have been down with The Beggaz, Hidden Aspects, and Dragonfly from day one.

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