Tuesday, March 25, 2014


01. Cappadonna Intro
02. Triumph (Wu Tang Forever)
03. Run (The Pillage)
04. Slang Editorial (The Pillage)
05. Freestyle Skit
06. Dream (The Cappatilize Project)
07. 4 Real Tho (Exclusive The Transition)
08. Wise Intellegent (Poor Righteous Teachers)
09. One More To Go (Deadly Venoms)
10. Killah Priest
11. The Pillage feat. Soloman Childs (The Pillage)
12. Dj Mathematics (Interlude)
13. Oh Donna feat. Ghostface Killah (The Pillage)
14. Super Model feat. Ghostface Killah (The Ying and The Yang)
15. Slick Rick Drop
16. Camay (Iron Man)
17. C Rayz Walz Drop
18. Fish (Iron Man)
19. 97 Mentality feat. Ghostface Killah (The Pillage)
20. Ty Nitty Drop
21. Blood On Blood War feat. Soloman Childs (The Strugle)
22. Ice Cream (Only Built For Cuban Linx)
23. Popa Wu (Interlude)
24. Winter Wars (Ion Man)
25. Cappadonna Drop
26. Struggle With This feat. King Just (The Struggle)
27. Shyhiem Drop
28. Daytona 500 (Iron Man)
29. Maria (Wu Tang Forever)
30. For Heavens Sake (Wu Tang Forever)
31. Knuckle Up Nigga (Skit)
32. The Gritz (The Ying and The Yang)
33. Sweet Love (Tical)
34. Blood Brothers feat. Lounge Lo (The Struggle)
35. Star Wars (The Ying and The Yang)
36. Super Ninjaz (The Pillage)
37. Killa Hill feat. Raekwon (The Struggle)
38. Black Boy feat. Tekhita (The Pillage)
39. Mamma (The Struggle)
40. Wu Banga 101 (Supreme Clientele)
41. Masta Killah Drop
42. Iron Maiden (Iron Man)
43. Love Is The Message feat. Raekwon (The Ying and The Yang)
44. Get Away From The Door feat. Inspectah Deck (The Struggle)
45. Role Of A Lifetime feat. Solomon Childs (The Struggle)
46. Cap Is Back feat. Lounge Lo (The Struggle)
47. The Jump Off (The W)
48. Careful (The W)
49. Wu Wear (High School High Movie)
50. Milk This Cow feat. Method Man (The Pillage)
51. South Of The Border (The Pillage)
52. Its The Unit (Theodore Unit)
53. WTC Pt 2. (Theodore Unit 718)
54. If It's Alright With You feat. U-God

REUPLOAD: compilacion de Snippets de los mejores exitos desde su primer album y colaboraciones con otros del clan disfrutenlo


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