Thursday, March 20, 2014


01: New Improved (feat. Da Manchuz, Buddha Monk & Kendra)
02: I Ain't Playing No More (feat. Lady Raw)
03: Life of a Gangster (feat. C.C.F. Division)
04: Who's Got Game? (feat. Don Chulo)
05: Three Amigos (If It's On) (feat. Method Man, King Just & S.I.C.)
06: Red Rum (feat. Buddha Monk & Da Manchuz)
07: Simply Ludicrous (feat. Northstar, Midnight & Doc Doom)
08: Back of the Church (feat. Zu Ninjaz & Da Manchuz)
09: Sundown (feat. C.C.F. Division, Ty-Jigs & I-Born)
10: You're My Everything (feat. King Just)
11: I Like to Ride It (feat. Lady Raw)
12: Never Shit Where You Eat (feat. Popa Chief, Layza Life & I-Born)
13: Prepare for the Buddha Monk (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard, Brooklyn Zu & Da Manchuz)
14: Come One, Come All (feat. C.C.F. Division)
15: How it Goes (feat. La the Darkman)
16: Gangster Theme (feat. C.C.F. Division)

NEW: This cd is tight, This is Popa Wu's first album, although he doesn't appear on the cd, he produced it with RZA. is a good way for Wu fans to listen to little known Wu Fam artists. the Tracks produced by Buddha Monk Are off the hook(1,6,8,13) wich makes me think to go buy he's solo album. It was good to hear something new from La Da Darkman. Zu Ninjas and the Manchuz came out with some tight tracks, while O.D.B. was as good as he was on "return to the 36 chambers" with he's group Brooklyn Zu. Meth's lyrics were tight, although the cd says that Killarmy performed a song for this album, i don't see it. Wu fans peep this album is tight. and for those of you who love Wu Tang back in '93 there's a cd coming out that is banging, is from wu fam's Cilvaringz and the cd is called "the killa bee sching" he rocks the old wu sounds that went away in the mid 90's I don't know if the cd will be available in the states

Coordinator [Project Coordinator] - David L. Rankins
Executive-Producer - Popa Wu, RZA, The*
Executive-Producer [Associate], Recording Supervisor [Music Supervision] - Tarik Edmonson
Mastered By - Dean Bailin, John Horesco IV, Jose "Choco" Reynoso
Producer - Buddha Monk (tracks: 6, 8, 13), Popa Wu
Rap [Featuring] - Cuffie Crime Family (tracks: 3, 9, 14, 16), Manchuz* (tracks: 1, 6, 13)

On Track 5 Method Man is credited as 'Method Man of The Wu Tang Clan'. 
On Track 13 Ol' Dirty Bastard is credited as 'Old Dirty Bastard Of The Wu Tang Clan'.


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