Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Makeba Mooncycle - Throwback Classics [2005]

01: Intro
02: Jam Session
03: Presenting
04: Academy Award MC's (feat. Armel)
05: Mind, Body & Soul
06: Makeba Mooncycle (skit)
07: Population Prostitute (Premix)
08: Tears
09: Desert Storm
10: Why
11: Rollin'
12: Lunchroom Classics (feat. Talib Kweli)
13: Hard Copy (feat. MC Lyte & Lin Que)
14: Judgment Day (feat. Holy Smoke)
15: Points
16: Freestyle
17: Can You Feel Me
18: Ahhh!!! (feat. Ancient Coins)
19: Food for Thought (feat. Lone Catalysts)
20: High Plainz Drifter

REUPLOAD: Female Master Emcee Makeba Mooncycle is a veteran in the Hip-Hop game on so many levels. For the first time, Chambermusik has assembled this much needed retrospective on the career of this great First Lady of Wu-Tang in "Classic Throwbacks". Collaborations include MC Lyte, Lin Que, Talib Kweli, Ancient Coins, Long Catalysts, and many more! If you want to gain knowledge and perspective on this unsung Heroine of Hip-Hop and Wu-Tang respectively, this collection is an absolute MUST HAVE!



Kim said...

She's Prodigal Sunn's elder sister, if I'm not mistaken.

suson said...

Yes you right, i heard this too...